MH002 LTD ED 12" - O F F M S G
MH002 LTD ED 12" - O F F M S G

It's a new record from the bad boy team that is Tee Mango & Eames as O F F M S G.

O F F M S G  - 'HOTT / THEME' 
Two sample laiden ‘edits/ not edits’ here courtesy of O F F M S G.
Who’s much sought after Chicago edit (on MH Black) sold out in super quick time.
Hott - Works Karen Young’s classic ‘Hot For You’ vocal to fantastic effect. It comes off sounding like half vintage Master C+J, half early Permanent Vacation 12”.
Theme – The sounds like the result of a Todd Terry and John Talabot jam session. All bouncing house organs and stripped back beat, with a smattering of female new yorkiyan vocal reassuring us...“Gonna be alright...”
Include Hand stamped & numbered insert. Design by 'Big-Beard in the game', Mr Lee Murray. 

500 Pieces worldwide. 
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