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This double handsome Classic Tri-Logo Navy Tee is back! It features our infamous logo front and centre on a super soft organic cotton tee. The print is orange and the t-shirt is navy blue with our seal-of-approval label on the hem.


Millionhands is back! Same as it ever was. We're in our exclusive pre-order phase right now, just for past customers or subscribers. We go live on May 21st and all pre-orders (& free bonus tees) ship on that date. This tee also disappears on that date - so don’t miss it.

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10 reasons why this is right for you:
1) Its a Millionhands classic - and it disappears again on May 21st!
2) You're a sight to behold in the right outfit.
3) Unbeatable Millionhands premium quality
4) Designed & screen-printed in London
5) Bespoke label and neck print detailing
6) Fair Wear Certified Organic cotton (sweatshop free) and Climate Neutral
7) Fast global delivery
8) Six month 'Wear Well' guarantee!
9) Customer Happiness is our raison d'être
10) This tee will make you feel AMAZING. Fact.

Phew. Enough already...

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    How much is postage / shipping?

    We post by various methods so prices vary depending on what you've ordered and where it is being sent.

    How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    It depends which shipping method you choose, but can be anything from 1 day in UK, if you choose Next Working Day courier or some services can take up to a month if you are ordering from abroad.

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