A quick few words with TOM MILLIONHANDS

A quick few words with TOM MILLIONHANDS

Who are you?

I'm Tom, aka Tom Millionhands, aka TEE MANGO. Father, husband, record producer, lover, friend to the animals.

What have you been up to?

As a company, we've been working on this glorious new website - which is now lovely and mobile friendly. (Hopefully it all just works, but obviously if anything doesn't pls mail us customerservice@millionhands.net with deets)

As a family, we've also just upped sticks and moved to the wilds of Somerset, so MH is now fully West Country compatible.

I've also been hard at work in the studio finishing my TEE MANGO album. Which is bloody exciting (for me at least)
It's called IMPERFECTIONS VOL. 1. It's out 23rd Sept.

Ooh, an I've just remixed these absolute dudes, The Invisible ft Conan Mockasin (Ninja Tune), which should be out soon.

An album? cool, is it similar to your Tribute records?

No dissimilar, but it's a whole album, so hopefully flows from start to finish.

How come it took so long (we thought you were dead in a ditch)?

With moving and finishing the album, it just kind of took a minute :)
And I've been running MH non-stop for 7 years! so I thought it was a ok to take a breather.
What can we expect from MH going forwards?

A considered flow of quality limited edition output. That could be that vinyl, Tees, Sweats or otherwise. Some fresh handpicked collabs (starting with Turbo Island & International Feel). More music from me (TEE MANGO) and others.
... and less emails :)

What is your favourite colour?

Blue No / green



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