A proper rave party - what's the secret?

A proper rave party - what's the secret?

I played a party at a while ago for the lovely Alfresco Disco fellas in Bristol. If you haven't been to one of their parties, I'd thoroughly recommend it.

Actually maybe it was a rave, it was nearly 2000 people in a warehouse, across x2 rooms.

Absolute monster of a party, rave... rave-party.

Lovely crowd, 80% in fancy dress, smoking not allowed (but allowed), relaxed security, great space, sound system.

My only regret is that we left too soon.

Why am i telling you this?

I’ve realised what I want from a party, as grown man (of 40 years) and as record producer and part time DJ.

I want to play the parties where the people want to be, where they’ve made an effort to get there.

Not where they’ve gone there because it’s the only place, or the easiest place. A great party is rarely made of people just passing through.

It suddenly sounds so fucking simple when I write it down - but i think it’s a thread that’s been present in every single great party I’ve been lucky enough to play over the years.

A great party is a place to be filled with great music and people with great attitudes who’ve made an effort to have a good time.

The effort could mean fancy dress, but often doesn't. It could simply mean that they’ve travelled, or diverted from the well trodden path, or they’ve got up super early had an espresso and a shot of vodka and walked thru the snowy cold Berlin winter morning to the home of modern techno (definitely done that more than once)…. And queued for 45 mins :/

Commitment to the rave! Amen Brothers and sisters!

When I list of some of my favourite parties they all require desire on the part of the party goer, everyone had to want to go:

  • Art’s House Boat Party - Boat on the Thames
  • Alfresco Disco Modular - A warehouse in Bristol
  • Panorama Bar - Moody Berlin rave temple
  • Riff Raff - Underneath a Tex/Mex restaurant in Middlesboro
  • Red Stars Enclosure - Shangri-La Glastonbury


    So I'm gonna play some more parties, I don’t mind about the size, and i could give two fucks about fees or extravagant riders, I’m just into the idea of some proper parties, full of up for it people to share some of this lovely music with.

    PS - tune playing on the video is new-ish one by me on AUS

    PPS - playing a party in London in two weeks :) deets to follow.


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