Artist Q&A: Tensnake

Artist Q&A: Tensnake



 What are you working on currently? 

"Well, the big thing is my artist album, which is now finished, I just need to decide on a final order for the tracks! But it's been mastered and I have to say, it's sounding really really good. It will be out start of October."

What new projects are in store for the rest of 2013?

"I might do a remix or two as so many come in and I do like reworking other people's material from time to time. But I also have a lot of shows ahead. In Ibiza, I did my first live show with Fiora at the end of May and at Pacha Festival in Amsterdam, Syron flew out to perform 'Mainline.' We have quite a few other surprises in store later in the year!"

Who's coming through, that you would recommend we take a look at?

"Banks! I've liked everything so far."

 Who / What are your musical inspirations?

"I always say that I don't have any musical heroes, but if I did then Nile Rodgers would be one of them. He's playing guitar on two tracks on my album and he came to support me when I played at Dalt Vila for IMS in Ibiza. What a legend."

Name 3 of your favourite records old or new?

1. Ten Walls - 'Gotham'

2. QX1 - 'Not Gonna Hurt You I Swear'

3. Tensnake feat Fiora - '58BPM' 

What’s on your radar right now - (music/ film/ pastimes/restaurants)?

"Food-wise: Korean BBQ at Kimshi Princess in Berlin and La Paloma in Ibiza.... and music-wise I like the new Mount Kimbie album as well as James Holden's Resident Advisor podcast and the new FACT mix from Dj Koze."

 Describe your dress sense / style: 

 I try to avoid logos.... I like ACNE and Woodwood. 

 Where do you live & what are your favourite local haunts? 

 I live in Hamburg and I have to say, I love it here. My favourite place is called..... DANIELA BAR! It's one of the last places where everybody can get drunk! It's not hip, it's just a brilliant old-fashioned bar. 

 Eggs – how do you them?

 Depends on my mood. Scrambled.

 What would you do if you had a million hands?

 I would do everything at once!

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