Why i squirrel... The secrets of a musical hoarder

Why i squirrel... The secrets of a musical hoarder


My name's Tom and I'm a musical hoarder.

Over the last 18 years I’ve made music. A lot of music.

  • I released records, back when records were still the format of choice for record labels.
  • I’ve founded x3 record labels (one of which, while being a ltd company, never actually released a single record).
  • I’ve made music for TV ads. My friends & I lived off one ad’s royalties for a year as hapless 20-somethings. (We spent our spoils on white-beer and trainers).
  • I released an album in 2007. Answers on a postcard if you know the title.
  • I’ve been asked to remix Justin Timberlake, Audio Bullys and heaps of other folks.
  • I once co-produced a record for China’s top selling artist (imagine the whole Frozen soundtrack sung by a dude - you’d be close).
  • I’ve played out and about. In London. In Europe. In Mexico. In fun places.
  • I celebrated my love of music by launching Millionhands. And I launched MH Music as a vinyl-focussed output for good music…

All this sounds fine, right? Except… this isn’t the sum of my musical endeavours. Over the last 18 years I’ve also created a whole load of tracks, which haven’t yet been heard.

Taking into account (pareto's law) 80/20 - 20% of this work should be good, 80% not so good. I've got a  total of 10 hours of unreleased music just sitting on my laptop, surely 2 hours will be half decent. That's a load of music.

This doesn’t include the DATs (yes Digital Audio Tapes) and CDs squirrelled about the house.

Yup, even I was surprised.

You see, I’ve spent hours, evenings, days bent over my laptop, creating and finessing my creation... I’ve hunted out the best kit for my studio - from my jomox 999 to my (newly acquired) MPC 2000XL.

I’ve locked myself away in a darkened room. Crafting hour after hour of lovely boom-tish boom-tish music .Tweaking, playing, bashing and thumping away.

I’ve bounced it. recording it onto my hard drive and playing it back to myself, occasionally to my wife or my nearest and dearest.

And then what? Then I’ve done nothing with it. Except started another tune...It seems I struggle. I struggle to release my musical-babies into the wild.

I faff, fanny and fart-arse about. I plan to tweak that pesky hi hat, or remove that extra bass note.

Except I never get round to it, instead I get too excited by a new idea so I launch into something new, forgetting what I’ve done the day before. Soon days turn into weeks and weeks into years.

And all the while these secret bastards sit slyly on my hard-drive, just waiting to be heard.

No digital release. No physical release.


So at the grand old age of 37 & ¾ I decided to end this cycle. I’m gonna giveaway some of this music.

What better place to start than with this little sausage from 2010? It’s yours. Don’t hide it away like I did. If you like it, share it - if only to make me feel better about my hoarding habit.


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